15 Gift Ideas For Grandma Who Loves The Beach

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If your Grandma loves spending time at the beach, she’ll love these gift ideas that are perfect for her!

From sunscreen to beach towels, we’ve got everything she’ll need to enjoy her time by the water. 

These gifts are affordable and easy to find so you can get them without trouble. 

So if you’re looking for inspiration, look at our list of 15 great gift ideas for a grandma who loves the beach! 

If your grandma loves spending time at the beach, she’ll love these gift ideas that are perfect for her. 

From sunscreen to beach towels, we’ve got everything she’ll need to enjoy her time by the water. 

Plus, these gifts are affordable and easy to find, so that you can get them without any trouble. 

So, if you’re looking for inspiration, look at our list of 15 great gift ideas for Grandma, who loves the beach!

Best Beach Gift Ideas For Grandma

1. Beach Wall Art

For the grandma who loves to look at her photos of all her beach trips, you can’t go wrong by getting some excellent art to hang on the walls. 

Open your wallet and get something special, like this ocean scene or this shell heart.

2. Beach Scented Candles

Yankee Candle Coconut Beach Scented, Signature 4.3oz Small Tumbler Single Wick Candle, Over 20 Hours of Burn Time

If your grandma enjoys the ocean, why not buy her a beach-scented candle to take the seaside feelings with her back home? 

Pick something appropriately themed like this sand, sea, and eternity scent or this sweet island delights one.

3. Beach Sunscreen

No beach day is complete without sunscreen. Help your grandma pick up some sunscreen she can use next time she goes to the beach. 

Get her a waterproof and family-size brand, like this Banana Boat sunscreen.

Recommended sunscreen: Neutrogena Beach Defense.

4. A Cooling Towel

No matter where your grandma decides to go on vacation, it’s always nice to have something to help her cool off. 

This cooling towel will be perfect for sitting outside or lying in the sun. Just soak the towel in water, click it to activate, and you’ll have an instant “ice-cold” towel.

5. A Beach Hat & Tote Bag

Protecting your face from the sun is essential when tanning- so why not get her a nice beach hat? 

This wide-brimmed one will help protect her face and neck from UV rays. Pair it with a fun tote bag for taking items to the beach, like sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, and more.

6. A Beach Chair

Homevative Folding Backpack Beach Chair with 5 Positions, Towel bar, Cooler Pouch, Storage Pouch, Cup Holder and Phone Holder

This lightweight foldable chair is an excellent gift for a grandma who enjoys going to the beach often. It’s perfect for taking walks on the beach and watching the waves roll in.

7. Beach Crab Pincushion

This adorable crab pincushion is perfect for a grandma looking to stay busy sewing all day long. 

The bright colors make her smile and remind her of happy times on the beach.

8. A Beach Pillow Case

This beach pillow case is perfect for keeping her cool for the grandma who likes to nap in the sun. She can also remember the good times at the beach when looking at it.

9. A Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella UV 50+ Outdoor Portable 7ft with sand anchor & Tilt Sun Shelter Sunshade Umbrella with Carry Bag for Patio Garden Beach Pool Backyard Stripe Blue

If your grandma enjoys taking walks around town or to the local coffee shop, this lightweight umbrella would be perfect for her to take with her. 

You can even get it personalized to show off your cute relationship.

10. A Beach Picture Frame

For the grandma who loves looking at all of her trip photos, you can’t go wrong with getting a lovely picture frame. This one will let her put any photo she wants of family or friends at the beach.

11. A Beach Journal

If your grandma likes to keep track of all her vacations, this blank journal is perfect for letting her write down memories on sunny days at the beach. 

It can even help them write out plans for their next trip.

12. A Beach Scarf

What better way to show love for the beach than with a scarf? 

This one is perfect for any grandma who loves to show off their favorite vacation spot. It’s light enough to wear all spring and summer long.

13. A Beach Umbrella Hat

Umbrella Hat Pack of 4 - Colorful Party Hats - 20 Inch, Hands Free, Funny Rainbow Colorful Beach Party Hats, Adjustable Size Fits All Ages, Kids, Men & Women

Sometimes, the sun is just too bright. 

This umbrella hat is perfect for protecting your face and head from getting burned by the sun. It’s even great for taking short walks on the beach.

14. A Customized Towel

For the grandma who loves feeling like she’s at the beach even when she isn’t, this personalized beach towel is perfect for her to feel like she’s got her favorite vacation spot with her all the time. You can even get it monogrammed just for fun.

15. A Beach Bag Organizer

This handy bag organizer is perfect for the grandma who likes taking walks on some of their days off. 

It will let her bring her favorite beach items without dealing with them falling out of the bag.


There you have it! These are some great gift ideas for the grandma who loves spending time at the beach. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these thoughtful and practical gifts.

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