Discover The 8 Most Beautiful Beaches In Palau

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You’d be thrilled instantly if you got off the plane at Palau’s international airport in Koror.

Palau remains among the choicest tourist destinations year-round and has the facilities to cater to your needs.

Koror Island, Chelbacheb, Carp Island, Bungalows, and Orange in Palau will keep you speechless.

Palau has an assortment of beaches around its numerous islands. All these spots certainly assure an exceptional, relaxing experience, but you need to have the best.

That’s why the collection of 8 Palau’s stunning beaches is right here. 

Check out the best beaches in Palau and choose the most exhilarating experience from this Pacific paradise.

5 Fascinating Beach Destinations in Palau

1. Koror Island

On Koror Island, you’d be treated to a vast collection of Palau’s finest beachheads. 

Koror has the largest population in Palau, so if you’re looking for a crowded setting to have fun, there’s no better choice.

While you’re out on Koror, you’d be treated to the island’s most captivating cultural performances at various stretches around the beach.

Also, Koror possesses many top-class hotels and hospitality services to ensure your beach time is worth it.

Koror Island Attractions – Snorkeling, canoeing, jet skiing

2. Chelbacheb

Chelbacheb Palau

Chelbacheb, also known as the Rock Islands, concentrates on Palau’s top beaches. 

Chelbacheb isn’t far from Koror, and you’d surely appreciate the pristine beaches and excellent landscape when you get here.

Chelbacheb is famous for its numerous secluded beaches guaranteeing tourists’ privacy.

There’re resorts in Chelbacheb where you can go on Kayak tours, canoeing, and lots more.

Chelbacheb Attractions – Kayaking, Snorkeling, canoeing

3. Carp Island

Carp Island is located northeast of Koror. This island resort is among the largest settlements in Palau.

The island is famous for its star-shaped aerial view and remains a top snorkeling hotspot. 

When you’re on this island, it’s sure you’d be spoiled for choice with the massive number of beaches.

You can rent numerous bungalows on this island to ensure a most thrilling and satisfying experience.

Carp Island Attractions – Jet skiing, kayaking, beach sports

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4. Palau Beach Bungalows

Palau Beach Bungalows are located in Babeldaob, the most significant island on Palau. 

The bungalows are located around most beachhead areas and are truly fascinating.

These bungalows encourage more accessible snorkeling, kayaking, and canoeing and a quicker return by the beach.

Palau Beach Bungalows got what you need if you’ve been searching for a secluded beach house.

Palau Beach Bungalows Attractions – Snorkeling, Kayaking, and Canoeing

5. Orange Beach

Orange Beach Palau

Orange beach is located on Peleliu Island, a popular destination in Palau. This beach is located on the southwestern corner of Peleliu and attracts a few visitors annually.

This beach is famous for being a battle point during World War II and still possesses historical facts surrounding that incident.

Tourists mainly come here to the deserted beaches when they need quiet time. Others come for snorkeling or diving activities into Palau’s rich underwater life.

Orange Beach Attractions – Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking

6. Beach Orange Two

Spending time on Beach Orange Two, Peleliu, is undoubtedly worth it. 

This stretch of beach, located on a very beautiful part of Palau, is famous for thriving underwater aquatic life.

Many tourists come here annually to take a go at snorkeling and diving, and this beach is also excellent for canoeing.

While on this beach, you’d be treated to some of the best resorts and hotels in Palau, which are incredibly affordable.

For a breathtaking experience, you can get a bungalow overlooking the beach to help you appreciate nature better.

Beach Orange Two Attractions – Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Diving

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7. Bloody Beach

Bloody Beach is famous for being a meeting point for a WWII battle with a superb atmosphere and numerous beaches.

This beach hosts tourists who desire the highest level of privacy year-round. 

There’re memorials on this island for the soldiers killed during WWII, and it attracts many tourists annually.

It’s easy to go canoeing, snorkeling, or jet skiing on this island. There’s also delectable cuisine ready to satisfy your taste buds from the best resorts on the beach.

Bloody Beach Attractions – Jet skiing, snorkeling, and diving

8. White Beach

White Beach Palau

One of the top holidaying spots in Palau, White Beach has all you need and a lot more. 

When you get on this beach, you’d be thrilled by the surrounding landscape and white sand peculiar to Palau’s beaches.

This beach is a top spot in Peleliu and has many resorts to help you fulfill your desire for a most relaxing time.

White Beach Attractions – Canoeing, snorkeling, and diving

Rank By Attractions In Palau

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Koror IslandKororDecember – MarchBoating, snorkeling
2ChelbachebRock IslandNovember – FebruaryTidal pool, diving
3Ulong IslandKororNovember – FebruaryBody-boarding, snorkeling, diving
4Palau Beach BungalowsMelekeokDecember – MarchWaterfall, boating
5White BeachKororNovember – FebruaryBody-boarding, snorkeling, diving

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does Palau have a beach?

Palau has over 20 beaches that regular tourists visit. Also, there’re deserted beach sites surrounding limestone deposits on the island territory.

What is the best time of year to visit Palau beaches?

If you’re planning on diving while out in Palau, visiting and witnessing its thriving aquatic life is from June – August.

Regular tourists will find Palau exciting at any time of the year

What are the top beaches in Palau?

Long Beach
Rock Islands
Orange Beaches

How much is a tourist visa for Palau?

Tourist visas into Palau range from around $40 to $100. But in most cases, there’re exceptions to having a tourist visa while in Palau.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Palau?

Palau is mainly safe for American tourists. Most of Palau’s GDP comes from tourism and fishing, so the islands are always safe for US citizens.

Is it safe to swim on Palau beaches?

It’s perfectly safe to swim on most of Palau’s beaches. But please take caution when swimming to avoid straying too far away from the beachhead.

What should you not wear in Palau?

You can wear most clothes in Palau, but nude sunbathing and skimpy clothing won’t be advised in public.

Are Palau beaches expensive to visit?

A vacation to Palau’s beaches is competitively-priced. Most of the beaches on this island have resorts or are open to the public.
A day at the beach could cost you between $30 and $200 based on your tastes and chosen relaxation spots.

Can I travel to Palau beaches without a visa?

Yes, you can. If you’re from the US, you can spend up to a year in Palau without requiring a visa. Visitors from other countries can spend up to a month in Palau visa-free.

If you plan to extend your stay after the stipulated period, you must apply for a visa before the allotted time elapses.

Where can I surf on Palau beaches?

You can surf at Santa Maria Angular, Ngardmau, Koror, and West Palau beaches. These spots are also excellent for snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and more.

How much money should I take to go to Palau beaches?

If you’re planning to spend a week in Palau, you should have around $1500 – $6000 (accommodation and additional costs) in your account.

For family trips, you could spend more than $6000 if you wish to stay more than a week.

Final word

Hanging out on Palau’s beaches will assure you an unforgettable experience. 

Since you’ve gone through this collection, it won’t be hard to make a top collection anymore.

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