14 Breathtaking Beaches In Madagascar

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The beaches in Madagascar are one of its main attractions. Its clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and lush vegetation are worth visiting. 

There are plenty of beach towns to choose from, each with its unique personality. 

So whether you’re looking for a quiet beach getaway or an action-packed vacation, Madagascar has something for everyone. 

Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Madagascar to help you make your decision.

Let’s find out!

14 Best Beaches In Madagascar

1. Nosy Sakatia Beach

  • Nosy Sakatia Beach Location – West of Nosy Be
  • Nosy Sakatia Beach Attractions – Sea turtles, secluded environment, Scuba, snorkeling

Nosy Sakatia is a tiny landmass located due west of Nosy Be, one of Madagascar’s biggest islands.

The beach on Nosy Sakatia is famous for providing tourists with a breathtaking, pristine experience of its landscape. 

So if you’re tired of hanging out on large islands, take a boat ride to Sakatia for a custom, relaxing, and entertaining experience.

2. Plage d’Andilana Beach

Plage d’Andilana Beach
  • Plage d’Andilana Beach Attractions – Andilana
  • Plage d’Andilana Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, canoeing, beach sports

When you’re in Andilana, a visit to the beach makes total sense. 

On the beach, there’re lots of fun activities on the public side, where many locals and tourists converge.

You could also want private time on the beach. If that’s the case, a resort offers paid services to tourists in a closed-off area on the beach. 

The accommodation is cheap, and you usually have a room overlooking the beach.

There’re also other attractions around Andilana where you’re sure to maximize your fun while visiting Madagascar.

3. Ambondrona Beach

  • Ambondrona Beach Location – Nosy Be
  • Ambondrona Beach Attractions – Bungalows, snorkeling, sunbathing

Ambondrona, Haute Matsiatra is located on a stretch of land on Nosy Be. 

Once you get to this destination, the thriving population-based and massive tourist presence will surely wow you.

One of Madagascar’s best beaches is out on Ambondrona. This area has several attractions to keep tourists entertained, relaxed, and thrilled during their stay.

On Ambondrona beach, you can rent a bungalow at the beach for a decent price. 

With such accommodation, you can watch the sunset by the beach and get in touch with nature comfortably.

4. Befotaka Bay Beach

  • Befotaka Bay Beach Location – Near Fascene Airport
  • Befotaka Bay Beach Attractions – Canoeing, Kayaking, and sunbathing

While out on Befotaka Bay, you’d be thrilled by the massive number of beach resorts and side attractions. 

All you need to catch a maximum dose of fun is available by the bay.

This bay is located 25 minutes away from Fascene Airport and features white sand beaches with surrounding pristine water.

The bay’s location makes it easy to get to other parts of Nosy Be by boat. Improving your kayaking skills is also achievable around this bay’s calm waters.

Rent a bungalow overlooking the bay area and appreciate Madagascar’s remarkable beauty.

5. Plage de Ramena Beach

Plage de Ramena Beach Madagascar
  • Plage de Ramena Beach Location – Antsirana Province, Diego Suarez
  • Plage de Ramena Beach Attractions – Windsurfing, Canoeing, and sunbathing

Situated in Antsirana Province, Diego Suarez, Ramena beach is a site to behold.

This beach welcomes hundreds of tourists monthly and remains a popular location in Madagascar. 

Take some time to visit the famous beachhead with its signature sparkling waters and thriving aqua life.

Take some time off the hassle and rest under a makeshift tent in front of the beachhead.

The golden sands on Ramena Beach are also truly fascinating. Appreciating the landscape around this beach is much better with a canoe. 

Ramena is also a vibrant location for windsurfing and supports other water activities.

Bungalows are also by the beach, waiting to give you a custom experience of a Madagascan paradise.

6. Plage du Grand Pavois Beach

  • Plage du Grand Pavois Beach Location – Mahajanga
  • Plage du Grand Pavois Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, Canoeing, and Windsurfing

Located in Mahajanga, Madagascar, Grand Pavois Beach is a beautiful destination with Madagascar’s grand beauty on display. 

This beach has many side attractions to get you entertained and relaxed.

A lot of resorts out on the beach provide top-class hospitality services at a budget price. 

There’re also several spots where you’d quickly get a dose of more fun and Madagascan life.

The current through the Grand Pavois supports windsurfing and canoeing. Also, the beach’s white sand is perfect for sunbathing and other beach sports. 

This beach is an excellent location for a single, couple, or family holiday.

7. Libanona Beach

  • Libanona Beach Location – Southeastern corner of Madagascar
  • Libanona Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, Canoeing, and Windsurfing

Located at the southeastern corner of Madagascar, Libanona Beach remains a choice destination in Madagascar to unwind and refresh.

The beach has a thriving canoe fleet for tourists to rent for a much better experience of Madagascar. 

While you’re out on the beach, there’re numerous spots to catch fun with the locals and other tourists.

Libanona hosts visitors year-round and is an excellent spot to get that tan you’ve always wanted. 

There’re several high points at the beach where you’d quickly glimpse Madagascar’s extraordinary beauty.

Also, if you’re not keen on moving too far from your hotel, make a reservation among the top-class hotels around the beach.

8. Nosy Iranja Beach

Nosy Iranja Beach Madagascar
  • Nosy Iranja Beach Location – Nosy Be
  • Nosy Iranja Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, Kayaking, and Snorkeling

According to the locals, Turtles Island, or ‘Nosy Iranja,’ is one of Madagascar’s lesser-known but genuinely fascinating beaches.

Located off the archipelago with Nosy Be at the center, Iranja features blue and green-themed bodies of water and white-sand beaches. 

The beachhead stretches several kilometers and remains a top natural spot for tourists.

If you’re looking to get onto the other end of Iranja, there’s a sand path leading to a truly breathtaking secluded area.

To ensure visitors get the experience of a lifetime, several resorts and restaurants are along Iranja’s beachhead. All these hotels and restaurants provide the best of Madagascan cuisine and more.

Several side attractions, such as sunbathing spots, canoeing, and more, are available in this truly excellent spot in Madagascar.

9. Île Aux Nattes Beach

  • Île Aux Nattes Beach Location – Madagascar’s east coast
  • Île Aux Nattes Beach Attractions – Beach bungalows, sunbathing, and kayaking

Located off Madagascar’s east coast, Île Aux Nattes is a top spot for tourists the world over. 

With so many side attractions and fun events, this island has an enticing beachhead that attracts tourists yearly.

Take time out and get kayaking around areas on the beach with calm water currents for a wonderful experience.

Get a beach bungalow at a great price if you’re a laid-back tourist with a thing for the beach. 

You’d be able to appreciate the beach’s beauty and get that comfort you’ve always desired.

Several resorts, restaurants, and bars also ensure you get the best taste of Madagascar during your stay.

10. Nosy Boraha Beach

  • Nosy Boraha Location – Ambodifototra, Boraha
  • Nosy Boraha Attractions – Snorkeling, Scuba diving, and Canoeing

When you’re out on Nosy Boraha, the ambient hospitality and surrounding beauty will surely leave you speechless.

Located north of Ambodifototra, Boraha has a long stretch of beachhead capable of bringing you directly in touch with nature. 

This beach’s white sand and perfect merge with the surrounding water make it a truly fascinating experience.

The surrounding aquatic life encourages snorkeling and scuba diving throughout the year. 

Nosy Boraha’s beach has many resorts and lodges to meet customers’ needs.

You can quickly get on a canoe to appreciate the surrounding areas of Boraha better. 

On this beach, you can also get your sun tan on with great ease and mingle with the friendly locals for the best taste of Madagascar.

11. Nosy Komba Beach

  • Nosy Komba beach Location – Nosy Komba, Antsiranana Province
  • Nosy Komba beach Attractions – Snorkeling, Scuba, and kayaking

On Nosy Komba, Antsiranana Province, there’s a thriving hotspot for tourists out on the beach. Visitors from around the globe touch down on this stretch of land south of Nosy Be.

On Nosy Komba, there’s an assortment of surrounding beaches and aquatic life to give tourists a perpetually entertaining experience.

You can rent a boat and venture around the island waters if you’re the canoeing type.

It’s also possible to laze on the beach with numerous guest houses and resorts. Get a sun tan, or dive into Komba’s rich coral reef.

There’s so much Komba island offers, and you’d experience more than enough to make you want another visit.

12. Nosy Be Beach

Nosy Be Beach Madagascar
  • Nosy Be Beach Location – Nosy Be
  • Nosy Be Beach Attractions – Windsurfing, Canoeing, and Kayaking

Madagascar’s most significant resort island, Nosy Be, or ‘Big Island, is truly a spot to behold. A lot of tourist attractions are situated around Nosy Be.

When you’re out on Nosy Be, you’d be thrilled with the beauty you get on this island 5 miles off Madagascar’s northwestern shore.

This island houses many fun activities to keep tourists entertained and refreshed in one visit.

With its pristine beaches and clear blue surrounding waters, this island flaunts Madagascar’s beauty and wows tourists effortlessly.

So many hotels and resorts around Nosy Be offer tourists the best cuisine, cultural attractions, and more.

Take time out and relax in any of the lodges by the beach, surf, go kayaking, whatever works for you is available on Nosy Be.

With many activities to keep the fun going, you’d no doubt find Nosy Be a wonderful place to visit.

13. Manafiafy Beaches

  • Manafiafy Beaches Location – Madagascar’s southeastern region
  • Manafiafy Beaches Attractions – Lemur viewing, Snorkeling, and kayaking

Located in Madagascar’s southeastern region, Manafiafy is one of Madagascar’s top rainforest beaches.

With so many connections to nature, this beach hosts many beautiful, untouched parts of Madagascar’s beauty.

This scenic southern Madagascar destination has a decent amount of lodges and beautiful bungalows for relaxation.

Get in touch with Madagascar’s lemurs and appreciate all nature offers on this island while on the beach.

Also, Manafiafy is an excellent spot for whale watchers. Humpback whales roam around the Manafiafy beach, so don’t be surprised when you catch a glimpse of nature’s splendor.

If you’re up for snorkeling or diving, Manafiafy is an excellent choice. Get underwater and appreciate the rich coral reefs and aquatic life a little off the beachhead.

There’s so much Manafiafy beach assures its visitors, and you’d certainly appreciate the blue-themed surrounding beaches and warm climate.

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14. Baie De Sainte Luce

  • Baie De Sainte Luce Location – 24 Miles off Fort Dauphin
  • Baie De Sainte Luce Attractions – Canoeing, sunbathing, and kayaking

Looking for a spot with a touch of paradise wherever you look? You’ve got to visit Baie De Sainte Luce.

Saint Luce Bay is located about 24miles off Fort Dauphin and is accessible by road. 

When you get to the bay area, there’s a certainty the experience on offer wow you.

Check in to any resort on the bay and get a glimpse of Madagascar’s pure beauty. 

If you’re not up for sitting around all day, many activities refresh and satisfy you.

Apart from snorkeling out on the bay, you can engage in kayaking or canoeing to get a more fantastic view of Madagascar.

14 Ranked by Attractions In Madagascar

1Nosy Sakatia BeachWest of Nosy BeSea turtles, secluded environment, Scuba, snorkeling
2Plage d’Andilana BeachAndilanaSunbathing, canoeing, beach sports
3Ambondrona BeachNosy BeBungalows, snorkeling, sunbathing
4Befotaka Bay BeachNear Fascene AirportCanoeing, Kayaking, and sunbathing
5Plage de Ramena BeachAntsirana ProvinceWindsurfing, Canoeing, and sunbathing
6Plage du Grand Pavois BeachMahajangaSunbathing, Canoeing, and Windsurfing
7Libanona BeachThe southeastern corner of MadagascarSunbathing, Canoeing, and Windsurfing
8Nosy Iranja BeachNosy BeSunbathing, Kayaking, and Snorkeling
9Île Aux Nattes BeachMadagascar’s east coastBeach bungalows, sunbathing, and kayaking
10Nosy Boraha BeachAmbodifototraSnorkeling, Scuba diving, and Canoeing
11Nosy Komba BeachAntsiranana ProvinceSnorkeling, Scuba, and kayaking
12Nosy Be BeachNosy BeWindsurfing, Canoeing, and Kayaking
13Manafiafy BeachesMadagascar’s southeastern regionLemur viewing, Snorkeling, and kayaking
14Baie De Sainte Luce24 Miles off Fort DauphinCanoeing, sunbathing, and kayaking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Madagascar have a beach?

Madagascar is an island with more than 14 beaches. Nosy Sakatia, Plage d’Andilana, Ambondrona Beach, Befotaka Bay, and Plage de Ramena are famous for their attractions.

What is the best time of year to visit Madagascar beaches?

During the summer months (November – March), Madagascar is an excellent spot for relaxing on the beach. Madagascar is also a top tourist destination in the wet months (April – October).

What are the top beaches in Madagascar?

Nosy Be
Nosy Boraha
Ile Aux Nattes
Nosy Iranja

How much is a tourist visa for Madagascar?

For tourist visas to Madagascar, you’d have to get a tourist visa which costs $40 or 120,000 MGA. For 60-day tourist visas for single travel, you’d have to pay around $50 or 140,000 MGA.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Madagascar?

Madagascar remains very safe for Americans to visit. But as is expected, tourists traveling alone should exercise restraint from embarking on night movements while visiting.

Couples and group travel is perfectly safe in Madagascar at any time.

Is it safe to swim on Madagascar beaches?

Swimming on Madagascar’s beaches is safe. Most beaches on this island country are perfect spots for snorkeling and scuba diving, so swimming is naturally possible.

What should you not wear in Madagascar?

Nude sunbathing is seriously frowned at in public beaches. Revealing clothing is a no-no on the island too.

On the flip side, whatever works for you and keeps you comfy is accepted in Madagascar.

Are Madagascar beaches expensive to visit?

Visiting Madagascar’s beaches is mainly cheap. Travel costs take the bulk of your expenses to Madagascar, but everything’s affordable when you arrive on the island.

Can I travel to Madagascar beaches without a visa?

If you’re traveling to Madagascar, you need a visa regardless of nationality. You have to apply for a visa before getting to Madagascar.

The country approves 30-day and 60-day visas for its visitors.

Where can I surf on Madagascar beaches?

Surfing is easier on:

Nosy Be (Western edge)

How much money should I take to Madagascar beaches?

If you’re a one-week, single traveler, ensure you get around $800 – $1000 before heading to Madagascar. Couples should have about $3800 – $4000 for a two-week visit.

Final Word

Setting out to Madagascar is a sure wonderful experience. 

There’re several rave reviews about the beaches in Madagascar, and you’d get the perfect blend of fun and relaxation you’ve always wanted.

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