6 Best Beaches In Kiribati

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Kiribati offers some truly beautiful beaches. It’s a superb location for yachting or boating. 

Take time to explore the atolls by bike or on foot. Kiribati’s spectacular lagoons will give you Instagram-worthy photos! 

You’ll find white sandy beaches dotted with swaying palm trees. It’s like a real-life holiday brochure. 

Let’s discover the top 6 beaches in Kiribati.

Top Beaches in Kiribati

Anyone passionate about sea life will love the serene Phoenix Island Marine Protected Area. It’s like one of nature’s treasure chests. 

Enjoy the stunning landscapes of sandy beaches, coral islands, and breathtaking blue lagoons. 

Birdwatchers will be in paradise! The number of visitors is limited to protect the area, so make sure to inquire before you go.

1. Aranuka Island Beach

Aranuka’s blue waters and white sandy beaches are spectacular. The island of Aranuka is famous for its tall mangrove trees, growing as high as 15 m. 

The surrounding islets, which are uninhabited, provide some great spots for swimming and snorkeling for visitors.

The airport of Aranuka is located in the northern part, and there are two flights each week between Aranuka and South Tarawa. 

You can also choose to charter a boat if you prefer. The island Council Guest House provides accommodation for visitors.

Aranuka Island Beach Attractions: snorkeling, swimming, diving, nature

2. Birnie Island Beach

Birnie Island Beach Kiribati

Birnie island beach, this low-lying island, has a shallow lagoon in the southeastern part of the island. 

Birnie Island is mainly undeveloped, covered in shrubs and grass, and is home to many seabird colonies. The entire island is a designated wildlife sanctuary.

Birnie Island Beach Attractions: wildlife, flora & fauna

3. Christmas Island Beach

Christmas Island, or Kiritimati, is within the Republic of Kiribati. Its 388 km2 area makes it the largest coral atoll worldwide.

It boasts an impressive lagoon with a shoreline of almost 50km. The island accounts for 70% of the republic, with the remaining 30% divided among the other 33 islands.

Christmas Island has been designated a Wildlife Sanctuary, and various restrictions regarding access to certain areas exist.

Christmas Island Beach Attractions: wildlife, flowers, birds

4. Fanning Islands Beach

Fanning Islands Beach is a superb example of nature untouched by development.

It’s remote, enjoys 300 days of sunshine annually, and has an almost perfect temperature of around 28°C. 

Experience the friendly culture of the people of the South Seas. Visitors can enjoy the sea and the Island’s fantastic lagoon.

Try diving in the lagoon’s calm waters and be amazed by the variety of marine species that live there. 

Relax on the beach and read a book, or wonder at the uninterrupted horizon. Fanning Island beach is truly a tropical paradise.

Fanning Islands Beach Attractions: local culture, snorkeling, diving, swimming, relaxing, marine life

5. Tarawa Beach

Tarawa Beach Kiribati

The Tarawa atoll is the capital of Kiribati. It comprises North Tarawa and South Tarawa, where more than 56,000 people live. 

That’s more than 50% of the republic’s total population. This tropical islet boasts swaying palm fronds that blow according to the prevailing winds.

The islet also has an impressive tropical rainforest climate. From April to October, it’s very pleasant, enjoying predominantly north-eastern winds and a steady temperature of around 30°C. 

But between November and March, it’s a different story, with gales ringing rain and sometimes even cyclones.

South Tarawa is well-known for its wide variety of local handcrafts fabricated by local women. Be on the lookout for their colorful local tops (Tibuta). 

There are also classes where you can learn weaving and how to make a Tibuta.

Tarawa Beach Attractions: local culture, serene surroundings, local handcrafts

6. Outer Islands Beach

When you visualize a tropical island paradise – that’s the Outer Islands in real life. 

With a small population, the islands offer incredible natural beauty for visitors, especially the color of the surrounding water.

You’ll find plenty of local culture thriving on the outer islands. 

The friendly Kiribati people love welcoming visitors; if you’re lucky, they’ll invite you to join in local celebrations.

The Kiribati Outer Island trip is a must for any visitor. You’ll be amazed by the unspoiled way of life Kiribati enjoys. 

True sustainability at work! 

Only some islands offer local accommodation, so check before you go. You can hop on one of the scheduled flights or hire a boat for a weekend trip.

Outer Islands Beach Attractions: diving, snorkeling, surfing


Kiribati offers a unique experience for travelers. Its unspoiled beauty and traditional culture will take you back to a time long ago. 

Discover one of nature’s great treasure chests full of tropical gems! 

Whether you fancy being active in the water or getting off the beaten path and back to nature, the top 6 beaches in Kiribati are a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

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