10 Beach Wear For 40-Year-Old Women (Or Over)

Summertime is perfect for heading to the beach and showing off your new swimsuit. 

If you’re looking for something stylish and age-appropriate, check out these ten beach wear for 40-year-old women. 

From trendy one-pieces to comfortable coverups, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s get to it!

10 Best Beach Wear For 40-Year Old Woman


Monochrome combos are always easy to make. You can wear anything monochromatic, for example, black and white dresses with different styling accessories (and don’t forget about jewelry). 

Pair them with wedges or heels, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t overuse this combo – it might be too dull for you. If you want to be more creative, check out our article about monochrome Beach Wear.

If you don’t feel like buying new clothes or can’t afford good quality things, good news – it’s always possible to create something of your own! 

For example:

  • Use colored accessories (scarf, belt, purse)
  • Wear the printed maxi dress with black trousers or shorts underneath
  • Use multicolored sarong as a bandana or headband.

Red, White & Blue

Red, white and blue is always in fashion. It’s a great outfit idea for women over 40 because it looks stylish and classy. 

You can wear denim shorts with a chambray shirt or blouse (with short or long sleeves). 

Pair it with white flats, red wedges, or sandals. Just add some sunglasses, and you’re ready to go!

Colorful Floral Prints

Floral Print Flowy Party Dress (See at Amazon)

Floral prints are always in fashion for over 40 women and younger girls. 

Every season, you can find them in many styles (lightweight, embroidered, etc.). 

If you are over 40 years old, keep it monochrome or with contrasting colors. 

You can wear a printed maxi dress with white shoes and accessories (golden earrings might be great).

If you prefer shorts, they should have similar prints – but on a smaller scale. For instance:

  • You can wear printed shorts with a white top and a colorful bag.
  • Or add colorful accents, for example, a scarf or sunglasses.

Black & White Stripes

Black and white stripes always look stylish (especially on A-line dresses). They make you look taller, which is excellent – you don’t want to look shorter than usual.

You can wear white shorts with a black top and colorful accessories/shoes. 

Or you can pair them with any color – if it’s not too bright or dark. You can also try to find contrasting colors for your shoes, bag, etc. 

We recommend:

  • Denim skirts
  • Printed maxi dresses (especially with long sleeves)
  • A-line dresses (with or without sleeves)

Aqua, Teal & Mint Green

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What can be nicer than aqua, teal, and mint green colors? They look fantastic in white (or off-white) color. 

If you want to make your outfit more casual, try wearing a chambray shirt or blouse with some printed shorts.

A lightweight dress can be your perfect match as well. 

They look great on women over 40 because they are not too short or revealing but still stylish and elegant. 

You can wear them with white shoes or sandals, adding some golden accents for a better look (for example, earrings).

White & Black

Need some ideas for classy Beach Wear? Just combine white and black – it never fails! You can wear any combination of these two colors, don’t overdo it. 

Remember that you are over 40, so try to look elegant. Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially if you have bigger bellies or thighs – people will notice it.

For example:

  • A-line or a knee-length dress with some black or white blazer (added for a better look).
  • Printed maxi dress with an oversized blazer.
  • Maxi dress (floral print) with black high-waisted pants and black headband in your hair (it will cover bad parts, like your tummy).

Beige, Grey & Black

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To look elegant and classy, you must visit your local thrift store. You can find something there, especially if you are looking for neutral-colored items. 

Mix beige, grey, or black pieces with colored accessories (like a red scarf), so it doesn’t look boring.

How to combine beige, grey, or black items – check these outfits:

  • Wear black shorts with a grey top and some colorful shoes. It will look more casual if you choose white accessories (sunglasses, shoes, etc.)
  • Wear just a printed maxi dress with some flat sandals or wedges. You can also add a black belt or blazer.
  • Wear beige or grey shorts with a printed top and a colorful bag. It will look more formal, so you can skip the accessories if you want to.

What can be better for over 40 women? 

Just add a navy blue item to any outfit – it gives that classy look, which is perfect for your age. 

It’s also great if you want to look slim (add some white accents, like a wide belt).

How to wear navy blue and white outfits? Try any combination of these two colors – don’t overdo it!

  • Wear a light blue blouse with some navy trousers or a skirt, a belt and some flats.
  • Light blue dress with white accents (like a wide belt or bag). You can also add a colorful scarf or shoes, depending on your style.
  • Wear a navy top with light blue shorts/skirt and some golden accessories. Add a white blazer if you want to look more formal. It’s a perfect solution for casual summer outfits.

Red, Orange & Yellow

Red Summer Casual Dresses (See at Amazon)

Add some bright or neon items to your summer beach wardrobe – you can wear them with white shorts and a printed top. 

This will add a pop of color to your look! Try to find brighter colors if you want to make a statement. 

And don’t forget that vibrant colors are perfect for daytime, but if you want to look more glamorous, try wearing them at night.

  • Wear a red or yellow top with dark red shorts and white flats. It’s a perfect combination for an everyday outfit!
  • How about a bright orange dress? Just find one with some black accents (like a wide belt) – it will make you look more elegant.
  • Wear a yellow or orange blouse with black shorts and white sandals. You can also add some colorful accessories, like a printed scarf.

Black & White

You can choose any black-and-white combination for this dress code – it’s up to you! 

Just make sure that your look is not dull – try to add some color accents (like red accessories).

How to wear black and white outfits? Try any combination of these two colors – don’t overdo it! 

Here are some examples:

  • Wear a black outfit, but wear a printed top underneath a blazer for a better look.
  • Printed dress with a black jacket and colorful accessories, like a handbag in another color.
  • Black and white dress with colorful belt or bag. Also, don’t forget the golden accessories – they will suit your age!

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Final Thoughts

So, these were ten beach sunset outfits for a 40-year-old woman! If you combine different colors in one outfit, how many combinations you can create is up to you. 

Remember that there are no strict rules, so you can wear whatever color or pattern you like! 

Enjoy your summer days and look stylish. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends.