15 Beach Dating Outfits For Shy Guys

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You are a beach dater, but you’re shy. You have no idea what to wear on the beach with your date. 

The last thing you want is for her to think that you don’t know how to dress or which colors work well together. 

That’s why we created this list of beach dating outfits for shy guys.

Let’s get to it!

Best Beach Dating Outfits For Shy Guys Ideas

1. Dress for Comfort

Girls like guys who aren’t afraid to be themselves. So, if you love super cool shorts that no one wears anymore, go for it! 

You won’t stand out in the best way possible if you wear the newest fashion trends.

Instead of taking advice on what not to wear when meeting a girl at the beach, why not just pick something you’d be comfortable with in any way?

2. Be Yourself

Talk to a girl

The outfit should never be why a girl chooses to talk to you. She may think you have good taste if you wear a ridiculous outfit, but it’s your usual style. 

But if it doesn’t fit who you are, you could come off as desperate. Take the focus away from clothes and put it back on you. 

If she doesn’t like who you are at your core?

3. Don’t Over Do It

It is best to keep things simple when putting together a first beach date outfit. 

Keep in mind that you will probably be doing some activity when you meet up with your date. 

If she says, “Oh my god, I can’t wait to go to the beach with you,” it’s best not to wear jeans and a nice button-down shirt.

4. Sunscreen

Don’t forget that sunscreen! You don’t want surprises for your first date with a new lady, so make sure you don’t get burned. 

Make sure to highlight the best parts of yourself and avoid anything that could cause her to turn away.

5. Watch Out for Sand

You don’t want sand anywhere on you, especially not between your toes! 

So be careful if you’re wearing shorts that may ride up. 

Even if you’re wearing swim trunks, your date might get the wrong idea if she sees sand stuck to your leg.

6. No Joking Around

Be sure not to joke around too much, especially when making fun of people out on the beach. 

She might take the wrong impression if you make one tiny jab at someone’s weight or parenting skills. 

It could become a big joke to your date, even if you’re joking around with friends.

You don’t want her to think you’re mean-spirited when all you did was play around.

7. What About Flip Flops?

guy in flip-flops

You don’t need to wear heeled sandals or anything too dressy. 

Some girls love a guy in flip-flops, but you don’t want to seem lazy when meeting up with your new girlfriend for the first time. 

Chances are that she won’t mind if you wear them, though. If she does, then she may not be worth it!

8. Board Shorts vs. Cargo Shorts

Beach dates are casual events that necessitate comfortable clothes, but certain types of clothing might not be appropriate for your first date at the beach. 

For example, it’s probably best to avoid wearing cargo shorts unless you feel comfortable. 

Chances are she won’t mind what you wear, but you also don’t want to come off as even more of a shy guy.

9. Think Twice About a Hat

It is not a good idea to wear a hat if you’re trying to make an impression for your first beach date. 

If she has never met you, she might think you are hiding something by covering up your hair. 

Also, talking to someone with a big hat or sunglasses on their face can be hard the whole time!

10. Dressing Like Beach Bum

If you’re attached to your grass skirt and coconut bra, maybe think twice about going on a date at the beach. 

If your girlfriend is very outgoing, then it will be okay. 

But you could scare her off by dressing like a clown or jester if she is more of an introvert.

11. Keep It Casual

You want to keep things casual while meeting your date for the first time at the beach. 

Check out these ten stylish outfits for your first beach date if you need help deciding what to wear. 

You want to look semi-formal so that you don’t come off as too much of a slob but not formal enough so that she might think you weren’t serious about the whole deal.

12. Wear Something Comfortable

If you feel more comfortable wearing workout shorts with a million pockets and an elastic waistband, go ahead and wear those. 

You want to wear something that makes you feel comfortable so that you aren’t fidgeting the whole time or trying to keep your shirt from riding up.

13. Polo Shirts

Nautica Men's Classic Fit Short Sleeve Solid Soft Polo Shirt, Barolo Solid, X-Large

If one piece of clothing screams “beach dude,” it must be a polo shirt. 

It’s casual enough to wear with shorts but friendly enough to wear over your swim trunks. 

Be careful not to spill anything on yourself, or she might think you can’t handle yourself well in social situations!

14. Button Downs are Okay

A nice button-down shirt is very classy, but you don’t want to appear too formal. 

Try wearing the first few buttons undone so that you can feel more comfortable, and it won’t seem like you’re trying too hard.

15. Short-sleeved shirts are Okay, Too!

If polo shirts aren’t your style, try a nice short-sleeved button-down shirt. 

You can wear this over a swimsuit if you want to, but it’s probably best to keep your beach gear on underneath.


The idea of dating can be daunting, but dressing up for a beach date is one way to help you feel more confident. 

Remember these fifteen style tips to make a good impression on your date. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

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