Atican Beach Travel Guide – Relaxation With Privacy

Atican Beach Nigeria

At Atican Beach, an unspoiled aura captivates first-time and return visitors alike. An ideal spot for tranquility-seekers and revelers alike, Atican has several glowing recommendations. I’ve made multiple visits to this beach at different times.  I’ve put together a comprehensive Atican Beach travel guide for your convenience through this time.  Please make the most of … Read more

Ilashe Beach – Unspoilt Spot In Nigeria

Ilashe Beach Nigeria

Sited at Snake Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Ilashe Beach is an unspoiled spot to guarantee true refreshment.  It’s one of the most spectacular beaches in Nigeria. Revelers and tranquility-seekers throng to this beach in droves all through the year. Most visitors to this beach come to get a custom, premium shoreline experience. And I’ve been privileged … Read more

22 Best Beaches In Massachusetts

Beaches In Massachusetts

There are so many things to see when you get to Massachusetts. You may want to feel the sand on your toes when you go to Cape Cod National Seashore. You may have seen the movie “Manchester by the Sea,” and you want to check out Martha’s Vineyard. There are a lot of things to … Read more

16 Gorgeous Beaches In Senegal [Must Visit!]

Beaches in Senegal

When you’re in Senegal, West Africa, for the first time, you’d be charmed by its serene environment and lots more. Many people in this country fancy are getting a lot of comfort by the Atlantic, and that’s where you’ll get much fun stuff to do too. The beaches in Senegal add a lot of color … Read more

Lhota Beach: Best Manmade Beach In The Czech

Lhota Beach Czech

Ranked as one of the Czech Republic’s best manmade attractions, Lhota Beach is a sight to behold.  With so many trees lining several sections of this beach, it’s easier to relax and unwind in this tropics-like environment. Several visits to this spot are under my belt, making this Lhota Beach Travel Guide a valuable read … Read more

Patigi Beach Travel Guide: Nigeria’s Paradise

Patigi Beach Nigeria

Located in Nigeria’s North Central region, Patigi Beach is a major tourist destination. Visitors to this beach bask in its warm climate, golden sands, and aqua-blue waters. After many anecdotes about this beach, I decided to pay a visit. And boy, was I wowed!  From my fun-filled time at the beach, I decided to roll … Read more

Top 5 Top Beaches In Jordan

Beaches in Jordan

You might think Jordan is most famous for its ancient and majestic cities and deserts, and not its amazing beaches in Jordan.  But apart from enjoying the country’s historical sites, superb hiking trails, and adventures in the desert, Jordan offers some superb beach destinations.  Relax and enjoy some of the best scenery bordering the Dead … Read more