Elegushi Beach Travel Guide For The First Timers

Elegushi Beach Nigeria

Located less than 10 kilometers from Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Elegushi beach is one of Nigeria’s liveliest coastal destinations. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria. In this Elegushi Beach travel guide, you’ll get the best hacks on maxing out relaxation at this spot.  I’ve been to this beach multiple times, and sharing my … Read more

Top 5 Beaches In Egypt (Forget The Pyramids!)

Beaches In Egypt

Egypt is a country known for many things. One is its rich history, the second would be the pyramids, and the third would be the majestic beaches.  Since the country is between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, it has earned a reputation as one of the perfect diving spots in the world.  If you … Read more

Tarkwa Beach Nigeria – Captivating Jewel By the Atlantic

Tarkwa Beach Nigeria

Accessible only by water, Tarkwa Beach is one of the few unspoiled, picturesque shorelines in Nigeria.  Since most beaches in Lagos are primarily populated, Tarkwa offers an escape from the noisy city. This Tarkwa Beach Travel Guide will give you the correct facts to help you navigate this beach without hassle. Make the most of … Read more

Ras Um Sid Beach: A Must-Visit Beach In Egypt

Ras Um Sid Beach Egypt

Need a combo of soft sands and calm beaches? Ras Um Sid Beach in Egypt should be your first choice.  The beach has a perfect blend of energy and immersive activities, sure to refresh you. Ras Um Sid sits on the edge of Sharm el-Sheikh, one of Egypt’s scenic destinations. It’s also one of the … Read more

20 Best Beaches In South Africa

Beaches In South Africa

South Africa sits at the bottom of the African continent, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. There are also massive amounts of biodiversity and the vast Kruger National Park to venture into for a safari. But this nation’s beaches, like Boulders, Muizenberg, Umhlanga Main, Sardinia Bay, … Read more

14 Breathtaking Beaches In Madagascar

Beaches in Madagascar

The beaches in Madagascar are one of its main attractions. Its clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and lush vegetation are worth visiting.  There are plenty of beach towns to choose from, each with its unique personality.  So whether you’re looking for a quiet beach getaway or an action-packed vacation, Madagascar has something for everyone.  … Read more

Suntan Beach Travel Guide – Enjoy the Coastal Paradise

Suntan Beach Nigeria

Badagry is a coastal area of Lagos, Nigeria, with an impressive beach concentration. Most visitors to beaches in Badagry are keen on getting that natural tan.  If you’re keen on a tropical beach with powdery sands and calm waters, try out Suntan Beach. I’ve been to this coastal marvel several times and had many fun-filled … Read more

Lil Zanzibar – Breathtaking Relaxation in Private

Lil Zanzibar Nigeria

Lil Zanzibar has some of the best scenic views on any Lagos beach. The privacy visitors get second to none by several miles.  Its merge with the Atlantic makes it a top spot for getting an airy, soothing rest by the ocean. I’ve made several visits to Lil Zanzibar, and sharing my experiences and observations … Read more

Calabar Beach: A Breathtaking Views In Nigeria

Calabar Beach Nigeria

Calabar Beach, located in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria, is one of nature’s wonders.  The beach features picturesque outlooks and some truly captivating scenery. It merges with some of the unspoiled areas of signature blue Atlantic waters. As a diehard traveler and fun seeker, I made repeat visits to Cross River a while back.  With … Read more

Kamp Ikare Travel Guide – Sensational Destination

Kamp Ikare Nigeria

Located on an island along Badagry’s creeks, Kamp Ikare Beach is a destination that assures privacy.  Visitors to this beach can be sure of a fantastic, fun-filled experience with every visit.  Built by Anuradha Mahbubani several years ago, it’s now a top spot for privacy-seeking beachgoers. I’ve had the opportunity to make several visits to … Read more

Ndibe Sand Beach – The Golden Sand Beach

Ndibe Sand Beach Nigeria

With its golden sands, picturesque scenes, and some of the best climate conditions, Ndibe is perfect. Sited beside an inflow of the Atlantic, this beach attracts visitors yearly.  Visitors to this beach usually make repeat trips due to the serenity and relaxation support Ndibe offers. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Ndibe on several occasions, … Read more

17 Famous Beaches In Kenya [Must Visit!]

Beaches in Kenya

Kenya is known worldwide for its stunning safari trips that bring people to their country.  You can enjoy these trips, along with the rainforest and many ancient ruins.  What only some people know is that Kenya offers flawless beaches as well.  The beaches in Kenya offer something for everyone. You can enjoy watersports, shopping, fine … Read more