15 Beach Dating Tips for Shy Guys

If you are a shy guy, beach dating can be tough. You might not know what to say or how to act around women to whom you are attracted. It’s even more difficult if you have never been on a date before!

Now is your chance to learn beach dating tips for shy guys. We have put together 15 beach dating tips for shy guys that will help you get better at this!

1. Get Direct

For some reason, shy guys often think they need to wait for the perfect scenario before they can approach a girl. This might mean waiting for the right time, day of the week, month, or age range. Don’t be so picky! If you see an attractive girl on vacation at the beach, there is no time like the present to start a conversation. If she has headphones or looks busy doing something else it doesn’t matter – because you’re not asking her on a date, and your main objective is simply to talk.

2. Wear Sunscreen!

If you’ve spent any summertime at the beach then you should already know that sunscreen is important. If you’re going to be out in the sun all day, then make sure that your skin is protected before you walk up to a girl. Believe me, she’ll appreciate it.

3. Don’t Act Too Cool

This might sound like terrible advice but trust me on this one – if you try too hard to be cool you will look like a sheep. If you’re wearing sunglasses and an unapproachable facial expression, she might think that you are too good for her or even cocky and turn away. Try to maintain a social and friendly look on your face at all times, and always smile!

4. Don’t Be A Creep

Yes, I know that this is important to remember at all times and not just the beach, but it’s especially true when you’re hitting on girls. If she isn’t into it then respect her wishes and move on with your life – there are much more fish in the sea (in fact there are four billion).

5. Start with a Compliment & Follow with a Question

Compliment her outfit or shoes and then ask her about them. This will let you stand out from the crowd at the beach, it’s personal and unusual, and most girls appreciate such compliments as they aren’t as common as those about physical features (think hair, eyes). If she responds to your questions be sure to ask more and keep the conversation flowing.

6. Talk About Something Other Than Yourselves

You don’t want to be talking about yourselves all night. You’ll sound like a couple on a first date – who wants that? Avoid questions like: “Where are you from? What do you do?” and instead ask her something more unique: “What’s the best thing that happened to you today?” or “If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?”

7. Don’t Leave the Conversation Early

If she is enjoying talking with you then don’t abruptly say goodbye after five minutes. Stay there and keep talking for as long as possible – go for a walk on the beach if you have to. You’ll make a better impression on her by sticking around and letting the conversation develop naturally.

8. Don’t Avoid Eye Contact

I know it can be awkward staring at someone directly in their eyes for an extended period of time, but don’t avoid eye contact – she will think that you’re lying or not interested if you do so.

9. Ask Her to Sit with You

If she’s standing around alone looking awkward then ask her to sit down and join you for a little while. Imagine how much better this would be than awkwardly standing there like two strangers, or worse – ending up talking to other guys or girls instead (not cool).

10. Stand Close to Her

You should be standing no more than an arm’s length away from her at any time, unless you are walking or sitting down. This will convey that you are interested in her and won’t come across as awkward. It is also less intimidating for most girls when a guy stands closer, especially if they are shy themselves.

11. Don’t Be Controlling or Domineering

Yes, you are male and she is female but that doesn’t mean that you can act like the male stereotype – it’s offensive to many women and will turn them off instantly. Even if she seems submissive don’t push her around just because you’re stronger than her.

12. Don’t Complain About the Weather

Yes, it might be hot and you may have been looking forward to a day at the beach but don’t complain about how hot it is or wonder aloud why they didn’t move the date to a different time of year – she won’t appreciate your negativity and will probably feel sorry for you for being so difficult.

13. Don’t Let Your Dog Lick Her

Not sure if this counts as a tip but I felt it was worth mentioning – don’t let your dog lick her face! This is unsanitary and rude, plus she might be allergic to dogs. Keep Fido tied up away from the girls or he may ruin your chances!

14. Don’t Try Something New on Her

Don’t try something that you haven’t done before with other girls, especially if your inexperience is obvious to everyone else it will be really embarrassing for you. Stick to what you’re good at and leave the new tricks for another time – even though they may seem smart now, you’ll regret it later on.

15. Don’t Start a Conversation with Her Just to Get Her Number

If you are talking to her for more than twenty minutes then she should be expecting your phone number request by the end of the conversation – don’t ask at the beginning but make sure that you are friendly and set up next steps before you part ways.

If you follow these tips and make sure to put them into practice when at the beach with a girl then I’m sure that she’ll be impressed. It’s all about showing your best side and making her feel comfortable. Not just for this one date but also for next time as well. You want to portray yourself as someone who will be around and not disappear or change after a few dates.

Good luck!

To sum things up

Well, we hope you found these tips helpful. We want to hear from you though! Comment below and share your thoughts on what shy guys should do when it comes to meeting women at the beach.